Retaking the Bar Exam

Retakers Guide

Not everyone passes the bar exam. So, if you are one of those students, understand that you are NOT alone. It is a very common experience for bar takers across the country, and approaching your next study period the right way is absolutely key to success this time around. Please click on this link for a guide on how to prepare for your bar exam retake.

In Arizona, under Rule 35(c)(3), you can take the exam six times without seeking special permission from the Supreme Court. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready to give it another shot.

Chuck Benaza's Podcast on Retaking the Bar Exam

2019 Alum Chuck Benaza launched a podcast in Spring 2021 to address the emotions and stigma associated with an unsuccessful bar exam attempt. Watch Chuck's interviews on his youtube channel:


Olivia's Bar Exam Story: "Zealously Advocate for Yourself"


On this episode, Indiana attorney, educator and lifestyle/wellness blogger, Olivia Ash, discusses how she overcame substantial obstacles associated with bar exam failure before passing the Indiana bar exam on her third attempt and getting admitted to practice law. Olivia also shares valuable insight on her scholarly research on loneliness in the legal profession. To learn more and reach out to her, you can visit Olivia's website here.


Adelina's Bar Exam Story: Happy Tears at the Liquor Store


New Mexico Attorney Adelina Gomez shares her triumphant story of passing the New Mexico Bar Exam. Adelina had to overcome feelings of self-doubt and defeat she experienced after failing the bar exam twice, which eventually led to her joyous moment of celebration at an unexpected time and place.


Lauren's Story: Conquering the CA Bar Exam


Newly admitted California attorney, Lauren Sanchez, tells her tale of overcoming the nightmare of failing the CA Bar Exam twice before passing in October 2020. She discusses how failing the bar exam had a profound impact on her life, and how she regrouped her approach to bar prep with a keen focus on self care, personalized tutoring through Bar Exam Toolbox, and improving MBE skills using Adaptibar.


Catie's Bar Exam Story: "Commit to Doing Better"


On this episode, guest Catie Medina, a Phoenix family law attorney, discusses how she overcame two unsuccessful AZ bar exam attempts before passingI She warns about relying on online predictions and tips she learned from three attempts. Catie and Chuck discuss learning to accept failure when everyone on social media is celebrating, and the value of sharing your feelings and building a community of support.