Preparing for the MPT

The MPT is a half-day (3 hour) portion of the test that consists of two written tasks for which you are given a "library" of materials to consult. Unlike the other sections of the test, the MPT provides you with all the substantive law required, so it is, in that sense, an open-book test. Each of the two tasks should take 90 minutes to complete and together, your scores on the written work product amount to 20% of the test performance.  


Here are some resources to prepare for the MPT. You should always visit the NCBE for up-to-date information about the MPT, which includes but is not limited to the MPT instructions, study aids, & past summaries and point sheets.

The task is intended to approximate the kinds of skills and practice a new lawyer might be tasked with. The prompt will direct you to draft a certain kind of document (see here for the types of work product) based upon an analysis and synthesis of the facts and law provided to you.

Even though the MPT is only 20% of your grade, compared to the MEE being 30% of your grade, your ability to perform well on this type of work can have a huge impact on your score overall. Each MPT task it itself weighted more heavily than any of the six MEE tasks. Take this section seriously as a perhaps less painful way to bolster your score! 

Here are some resources about the MPT: