Resources for LLM, AJD, and other ESL students

Here are a couple of articles on prepping for the bar exam when you are not a native English speaker: JD Advising: How to Prepare for the Bar Exam an an ESL Student and Bar Exam Toolbox: Five Special Techniques for ESL Bar takers.

One of the key elements of your bar study should be a longer runway to get ready for testing days. Typically, bar prep tends to be done on a 10- to 12- week schedule, but if your English is not fluent, prep time should be lengthened considerably.

This brief piece provides strategies not specific to the bar exam, but general pointers for taking multiple choice exams, for multilingual learners who may not be that familiar with the format.

Intensive English Program provided by CESL

This is a program offered by the U of A's College of Humanities Center for English as a Second Language throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Please click here to be redirected to the Intensive English Program's official website.

Pima Community College ESL Courses

Pima Community College has different campuses that offer ESL courses that does not require you to have a TOEFL score. They offer four levels of academic English course, each with three core skills: writing and grammar, reading and vocabulary, and oral communication:

  1. High Beginning

  2. Intermediate

  3. High Intermediate

  4. Advanced

Click here to learn more about Pima Community College’s ESL courses.


Other ESL Resources

Click here to for personal ESL tutors via heytutor.