California State Bar Exam

California does not administer the UBE. However, it does administer the same multiple choice section that UBE states use (the MBE). Its essay section addresses California-specific law. The California Bar Exam, like the UBE, is a two-day exam that is given two times a year. To learn more about the bar exam in California, visit the California State Bar website. On the site you will find past exam questions and sample answers.


The California Bar Examination consists of the following parts:

  • Five one-hour essay questions

  • One 90-minute Performance Test

  • The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), typically 200 multiple-choice questions

Subjects Tested:

  • Civil Procedure

  • Community Property

  • Business Associations

  • Professional Responsibility

  • Remedies

  • Trusts

  • Wills and Succession

  • Constitutional Law

  • Contracts

  • Criminal Law and Procedure

  • Evidence

  • Real Property

  • Torts

Retaking the California Bar Exam:

Lauren Sanchez offers her personal experience on the California Bar Exam.


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